Raffle For A Ride

Today it was raffle for a ride at Russell street school. There were so many awesome cars. Like olden day cars new day cars. It was so awesome I couldn’t believe my eyes it was amazing. My friend Luke he filmed the whole thing on his laptop. But the favourite cars I saw were the silver and black lamborghini. The cherry red ferrari, silver porsche. A ford rs and a land rover. Also a stop car and a lot more. it was so fun seeing all those awesome cars.


Today in math ‘s we have been learning about the oder of operation you start with the brackets then the times and divide then you plus then subtract them altogether then you got the answer example 1. 5 + 6 (3-1) + 4 ÷ 2 = ? So brackets first then which is 2. Then since theres nothing next to the 6 it is a automatic times so 6 x 2 = 12 then you do 4 ÷ 2 = 2. Then 5 + 6 = 11 then you add them altogether which is 9. example 2. ( 2 x 3 ) + 4 + 5 – 2 + 10= ? So first brackets so 2 x 3 = 6 then 4 + 5 = 9 then 2 +  10 = 12 then add them all up his is 23.



World Flags

Today in class we are learning about the world flags. Also we each got 4 flags each with the name on the back. We have to find out some facts about the flags you get. Mine were Israel, Croatia, Swaziland and Paraguay so here are some facts about these flags.




Israel- White Means Symbol of light, honesty, innocence and peace. The blue means It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.





Croatia- One of interpretations of colours dating from late 19th century is Red Croatia, White Croatia, and Kingdom of Slavonia (blue).





Swaziland- The flag of Swaziland was adopted on October 1, 1968.




Paraguay- The design of the flag was simplified in 1991.



We went to the luge and the zorb at Rotorua.

We went bowling and lazar tag at Hamilton.


We had a kit kat at Taupo

We went air diving in Rotorua


I didn’t go to the skatepark.

Patrick left 🙁

Isaac didn’t come to town.

I got my new shoes dirty.

I didn’t meet a All Black.


My older brother’s birthday.

Rugby world cup final.

New Zealand won the rugby world cup.

Luke and me went to town.

Joe Rokacocco was staying at the same motel that we were.

Student Review

1.) Did you achieve your goals this term?

Well I got some of them like to get better at my long distance running I did achieve that. Also my other goal was to learn more about reading and I did learn more about reading and got better at reading. Also my other goal was to get my work done and so far I have been getting all my work done.

2.) highlights for term 3 were? 

My highlights of term 3 was production at the regent that was so fun and flags every wednesday that is awesome. Also our rugby fantasy teams were so fun and most afternoons we go out for fitness that was fun. Also I like lunch and brunch times that is fun. Also I like doing math in class because we learn a lot of new things every day. I liked everything we done this term because it was so AWESOME!!!!

3.) Your performance in production was?

COOL AS!!! I loved doing production like everything about production. Like practicing going to the regent to practice all day and perform it at night it was so fun because we learn a lot of new things. Also I was really nervous about production but I think I couldn’t done any better for production.

4.) Confidence, Creativity, respect and time management. How did you go?     

I think I wasn’t really confidence at production and sometimes at flags but everything else I was pretty confident. I think I got more creativity then I was before now I’m really creative.

5.) In term 4 I am looking forward to…

I am looking forward to betting room 12 at flags also I’m looking forward to learning more new things in math. Also athletic next term is going to be awesome as. Also we are going to dig up our time capsule that we buried in term 1.


Production Night

Last night we had our Russell Street school’s production it was so AWESOME!!! It was at the regent it was so much fun I couldn’t believe how big the regent is but before that we all got to school that day. When I got to school I thought to myself what do I do if I muck it up I had no idea what to do. So in the morning Stephen was calling out the roll after that he did the notices but then it was time to get on the bus at about 9:30am to go to the regent so they can show us how it all works like the lights dressing rooms what time we are on and all of that stuff. Then we had to sit down in the crowed and watch all the other performances for there practices we were last so we had to wait for about an hour and a half something like that but it was fun to watch all of the other productions. Then when I was about to eat my sandwich it was our turn I was so nerves so the first practice was not to bad then after our performance we went in to our dressing rooms the girls had one to them selves and the boys got one to them selves the boys dressing room was so small and the girls was so big then we just waited until it was our turn again we chatted to our friends played on ipads and ipods it was really cool.

Then it was our turn again first our buddy class did there little production then we did our little production. Based on the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup. We all wore Kia Toa rugby jerseys and there was one person the main person was wearing the All Blacks jersey. We all put our hardest into that then we went back to changed and it was way to dark so we couldn’t see anything at all. I was so panicking because I couldn’t see my black t-shirt so I went to get a tie and I still had my singlet it was half way through the dance then I jumped. But I’m so lucky it wasn’t the real thing then Stephen getting mad at me I was so bummed then. But before we know it we were on the bus back to school and I said to myself that was a really fast day.

Now it’s the real thing I came at about 6:00 and I’m sure I was sweeting like I never sweet before. We had to wait along time until it was our turn to do our performance then after a little bit more and more people started to come I ask them are nerves they said to me not as much as last year. Then all a sudden we were all there then the girls dressing room smelt so yuck of make up. Then it was like 20 min until we had to go on then we called a little earlier then our dance teacher Kat told us to do big movements and sharp movements. Then Stephen told us pretty much the same thing for the Rugby World Cup production. When it was our turn I was so excited that my big brother didn’t yell out my name then after the whole thing I said to myself I couldn’t done better.